Why Us


Entrepreneurs face dismal odds in their search for equity financing from VCs or angels and successfully launching a business.

    • Their chance of getting invited in to pitch their concept is one in ten.
    • Their chance of being invited back is worse, one in twenty.
    • Their chance of getting beyond first base is one in two hundred.

Normally, less than 1% of start-ups get funded. We are modeling our process after that of TVC, which succeeded in getting 40% of its clients funded by venture capitalists. See the Entrepreneurs page of our BAE Investments section for more information. And we believe we are providing superior coaching.

We do three things for start-ups: Inform, Invest and Introduce.


 BAE Workshop will provide VCs, angels, recently funded entrepreneurs, seasoned domain experts, start-up consultants and service providers to guide your creation of the materials that investors want to see. Our program is designed to give you the tools, the knowledge, and the practice to improve your chances of being invited in and of being invited back, and consequently, of being funded. The materials covered by BAE Workshop also lay the foundation for company success, post funding.  

Our individualized approach helps you create materials for your own start-up. We provide templates, guidelines and information to make your materials compelling.  

Mentors will be availabe during designated hours to provide advice and answers to participant's questions
Special seminars will be provided by experts on topics chosen by Workshop attendees
BAE Workshop Staff will maintain office hours when attendees can discuss work assignments, or ask questions


All start-ups accepted into BAE Workshop will receive investments that vary and have ranged from $5,000 to $10,000.


Graduates of BAE Workshop will be introduced to appropriate investors who invest in their space, in start-ups at their stage and in the amounts they are looking for. We will accompany the start-ups to the meetings with investors and provide warm introductions. We will provide the all-important introductions to the proper investors.

No other organization does what we do. We are unique.