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Bay Area Entrepreneurs Investments will invest in a portfolio of start-ups that have a higher than average probability of obtaining VC or angel funding and have acquired superior fund-raising preparation. See Entrepreneurs Page for the selection process and the Workshop Page for the preparation. Post-Workshop the start-ups will be matched, as well as possible, with investors who invest in their space, in companies at their stage and in the amounts of money the start-up is looking for.

We expect, on average, to be able to return four fold the investments in these companies. For details of how we estimate the returns, click here to request a prospectus. For accredited investors only.


Investors in each Workshop will have access to the finished executive summaries of the Workshop attendees. Additionally, investors will be invited to listen to the polished pitches of the attendees in the final session of the Workshop. At that time, they can invest any amount they wish in any start-ups they fancy.


We will post status updates on the funding process of each graduate start-up as they proceed. Executive summaries will be updated as they are tweaked. We will send out notices of updates on a weekly basis. All of the company specific information will be contained in the secure section

Executive Summaries

Executive summaries of each start-up accepted into the Workshop will be posted in the Investors Log-in section. They will be updated as the entrepreneurs revise and update them.

Status Updates

We will maintain a summary of the investment activity of all the start-ups of each Workshop. The summary will contain, the investors contacted, investors met, any follow-up meetings, and the results of meetings, ovf course it will contain any investments made in the start-ups. 


A list of the returns to the investos in each Workshop will be maintained.