BAE Investments

Welcome to the new element of BAE Workshop, BAE Investments. Through BAE Investments we will invest a small amount of money in every start-up accepted into BAE Workshop. It might be only two or three thousand dollars, or as much as 20 thousand. It depends on the number of investors we have and the amount they wish to invest for each workshop. But each company in the Workshop will get the same amount.

The form of the investment will be an Stock Sales Agreement; a purchase of newly issued  stockl. We will provide details of the agreements, including all the terms and conditions when you are accepted into the workshop.

Selection Process

Start the Process Today!

The application process takes a couple of weeks, and there is a maximum size of the Workshop set at 20 start-ups. If you are not among the first 20 admitted, you will have to wait until the next Workshop.

Send us your executive summary today! Send it to apply@baeworkshop.com.

Naturally we will be a little selective about whom we admit to the workshop, since we are investing other people's money, and there will be a two-stage evaluation of each company. The first step is to send us your executive summary to apply@baeworkshop.com. We will review it in terms of your company's fundability. The second step, if we like what we see in your executive summary we will contact you to schedule a 30-minute investor pitch, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A . Following that, you will be told whether you've been admitted to the Workshop. If you are not, you will be told why.

Follow on

Every start-up that completes the Workshop will be matched with and introduced to investors who invest in their area, at their stage and with the amount of money the start-up is looking for. We will attend the investor meetings with the entrepreneur, and provide feedback on what worked and what didn't with that investor. We will provide the all-important introductions plus feedback on how you did.