BAE Workshop is dedicated to improving the odds for entrepreneurs seeking funding for their start-up through a unique approach to entrepreneurial training. We offer a series of eight weekly sessions with locations in San Francisco  and the Peninsula. BAE Workshop is led by experienced professionals with a history of leading start-ups and working with start-ups. The Workshop has been created to meet a need that is unmet by the existing entrepreneurial training programs in the Bay Area.

BAE Workshop Sessions are held in Palo Alto on Wednesdays and if there is enough demand additional sessions will be held in San Francisco on Thursdays. The next series begins late Janurary, early February , 2012. Each Session begins at 9:00 AM and ends at Noon.



Ralph Patterson, CEO


President of Strategia, Inc.

Ralph specializes in strategic consulting, helping companies develop the necessary strategies to obtain funding, to grow their market, to enter new markets and to acquire new technologies. His firm, Strategia, Inc. has consulted for venture capitalists, M&A organizations, Fortune 500 companies, small companies and start-ups. It currently focuses exclusively on start-ups. He has also volunteered as the chair of eBig' s Start-ups and VCs SIG.

One of his clients was Technology Ventures Corporation* (TVC). At TVC, Ralph sat through about 300 investor pitches and evaluated over 1,500 executive summaries. The process TVC used resulted in its getting 40% of its clients funded. He counseled and coached entrepreneurs to prepare them for seeking venture funding and matched them to appropriate investors.

Prior to forming Strategia, Ralph had senior management positions with Hewlett-Packard, KLA-Tencor, Read-Rite, and was the founding CEO of Headway Technologies.

*TVC is a Government-sponsored program to aid entrepreneurs. In its 15 years of operations, TVC has helped entrepreneurs raise over $1B of capital that has created over 12,000 jobs. They have served 348 clients of whom 141 were funded by VCs (40%!).





Steve Swernofsky, Managing Director


Forum Resource Member, Intellectual Property at Keiretsu Forum
President of Swernofsky Law Group PC

At Keiretsu Forum, Steve vets new companies that present, and those that want to present, as well as evaluating new companies' IP positions.

Swernofsky Law Group PC is a boutique law firm specializing in IP protection for startup & innovative companies. Its attorneys have experience both in litigation and in patent and trademark prosecution. They focus their attention on assuring that their clients gain value from IP protection, and on helping their clients match their legal strategy with their engineering & marketing strategies.


Gerald (Jerry) Prettyman, Managing Director


Founder of GRPlaw

Jerry is a patent and intellectual property who is also experienced in enterprise management, development and operations. He helps his clients monetize their ideas with monopolies of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other contracts. Jerry also handles business entity and non-profit formation, infringement issues, Internet and domain concerns and corporate law.


Marc Freeman, Managing Director


Founder of Dallas Blue
Founder of It's Your Network

Marc Freedman, aka your LinkDaddy, is a digital media and technology speaker, consultant, writer, activist, and expert witness in Internet services, social networking, digital music and video, P2P, Web 2.0, branding and marketing, and adult entertainment. He speaks at national conferences and consults with groups from industry associations to the U.S. Senate, FTC, and FBI and international law enforcement.

Since 2005 Marc has advised and worked with entrepreneurs and investors, including consulting and organizing venture pitches and startup seminars, through DallasBlue Entrepreneurs, EFactor, the world's largest entrepreneurial network. Marc is the founder of It's Your Network.  He previously was Founder and CEO of RazorPop, a digital media and P2P software developer and marketer.


BAE Workshop is proud to acknowledge the assistance it receives from corporations and communities. To learn how your organization can become a sponsor, please contact us.